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Dennis C 8c68731838
Render local player when the renderViewEntity is not the local player (#7216) 2020-11-10 11:13:49 -08:00
cpw 0d7f507f4e
Some help in ExtensionPoint regarding DISPLAYTEST. Let's improve those tick rates!
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-07 23:11:45 -05:00
cpw f78b943bdf
Handle erroring during early mod construction phases, and actually report that into the error UI
by doing armslength exception handling and propagation.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-07 22:30:19 -05:00
cpw 160f3f88f9
Support backwards loading 1.16.3 mods in 1.16.4, because we are able to do that. Tweak loading a bit to be smarter about dependency errors of various kinds.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-07 20:48:02 -05:00
David Quintana 45e38859ed Add FluidStack codec, and a test mod that verifies its behaviour matches the existing write/read logic.
Add missing license headers.
2020-11-07 21:10:18 +01:00
cpw 38a5400a8c
Update event bus version (should be 3.0.5)
Tweak MDK to automatically populate recommended values for things like forge version, loader version and minecraft version.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-06 21:11:26 -05:00
diesieben07 acd18455c2
Workaround for modded attributes on vanilla entities logging warnings on vanilla clients
Switch to a handler-based approach per packet class, simplify patch, add some docs

Add license header and docs

Switch to a network handler based approach

Switch to a network handler based approach

revert build gradle change

Simplify Packet patch

Add license header to IForgePacket

Revert ForgeHooks changes

Less hacky and more generic way to filter packets for vanilla connections

_Actually_ Order SAS.
It's early

Order SAS

simplify vanilla connection check

Remove unneeded import change
2020-11-03 18:47:04 -05:00
cpw 5a7facc20f
Fix early sorting bug that meant the file deduping was causing an error, to, well, not cause it, so we can get to an error screen.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-02 14:57:23 -05:00
LexManos f54998a6b7 1.16.4 Initial Update 2020-11-02 10:42:45 -08:00
LexManos 7d00d015f3 Fix Biomes not properly copying over ids loaded from the save to the new Dynamic Registry. 2020-11-01 20:30:38 -08:00
David Quintana fed7beab89
Introduce custom loader additions to the model data generators. (#7450)
Currently implemented loaders:
* Composite
* Multi-layer
* Item layers (vanilla item/generated but with fullbright texture support)
* Bucket
* Separate Perspective
2020-11-02 02:09:49 +01:00
cpw cf3e9d1e0c
actually rollback on error in registry events.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-01 19:51:56 -05:00
cpw 749c9063af
Fix config parse failure causing crash in building exception message. fixes #7438
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-01 17:09:00 -05:00
Tobias Hotz 1af6632a29
Auto-detect ansi support for log4j2
move to fml.loading subpackage

Add license header
2020-11-01 17:03:12 -05:00
cpw 7e79243bca
Return client resources even if no data pack found on server. Closes #6225 (Pull request)
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-01 17:02:56 -05:00
cpw 36f9c804d9
Update modlauncher. fixes #7452
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-11-01 16:05:02 -05:00
malte0811 06fe9ccda0
Fix (NonNull)Lazy.Concurrent using a global lock (#7403)
* Fix Lazy.Concurrent using a global lock, thus preventing multiple threads from resolving independent Lazy's at the same time
* Use Lazy with an added null check to implement NonNullLazy
2020-10-29 18:09:20 +01:00
David Quintana 53eedb0f10
Update forge mappings to 20201028-1.16.3 (#7435) 2020-10-29 01:11:57 +01:00
Alex O'Neill 6e0e67b14d
Fix breaking changes from the Biome rename PR #7434 (#7439) 2020-10-27 09:00:53 -07:00
sciwhiz12 22f7f4649b
Reimplement nametag distance attribute, fix attribute translation keys (#7387) 2020-10-26 16:52:36 -07:00
Alex O'Neill 8a77681574
Fix data pack biomes failing to load in SingleBiomeProvider (#7434) 2020-10-26 15:06:53 -07:00
cpw 6982c5dd56
Add in proper handling of equals and hashcode for modjar urls. Fixes very slow loading on windows.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-26 18:00:14 -04:00
cpw 7205c30ece
Force 8.0.5 ML
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-26 08:51:05 -04:00
cpw 80baad974e
Restore FingerprintViolationEvent with appropriate THIS IS F*CKING DEAD DELET WARNINGS.
Also, notify in UI if using legacy JDK without capability to read out security data from mod jars.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-26 07:31:49 -04:00
cpw ae160cad12
Add signature reporting for mods, using new signature capture from ModLauncher. Need to figure out
how to reflect Minecraft's JAR signatures into here.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-25 22:26:16 -04:00
cpw 6ff6277efa
Rollback registries to vanilla state if something happens during loading, so subsequent activities can still run and not generate false reports..
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-25 11:33:43 -04:00
LexManos 74f9ef838a Fix mcp_snapshot mapping issue causing unneeded patches. Closes #7424 2020-10-20 12:32:19 -07:00
David Quintana 395f89c973 Fix resource leak in the OBJ loader. 2020-10-20 13:24:12 +02:00
SilverDavid 8536521b7b
Fix issue with ITeleporter allowing easier use of vanilla logic. (#7317) 2020-10-16 12:09:53 -07:00
Richard Freimer b1659300e0
Adds tag support for Enchantments, Potions, and TileEntityTypes (#7379) 2020-10-15 12:45:25 -07:00
LexManos 93226bbcff Resuscitate BiomeDictionary using RegistryKeys instead of biome references. 2020-10-15 12:43:18 -07:00
Ocelot 51fa230e7b
Add event for player changing game mode (#7355) 2020-10-15 10:15:06 -07:00
cpw 5f292895cb
Fix RCON multipacket responses not actually understanding UTF8.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-12 14:10:57 -04:00
cpw 9cfe741cea
Fix RCON not sending newlines in output for multiline. Fixes, a very old bug that is really annoying if you use RCON.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-11 21:48:55 -04:00
ChampionAsh5357 bed38d4253
Fix Texture Presence String (#7408) 2020-10-10 09:45:18 -07:00
LexManos 37f226eda5 Fix typo causing potential error in vine growth. Closes #7406
Sort missing registry dumps by name, making it easier to read.
2020-10-09 12:56:26 -07:00
David Quintana 59b4affbe7 Fixed conditional advancement loading when using the "advancements" array.
Added automatic generation of conditional advancements from the criteria in the conditional recipe entries.
Added advancement name calculation from the recipe ID.
2020-10-09 15:47:32 +02:00
Flanks255 5477a36656
Additions to the mdk build.gradle to accommodate datagens. (#7398) 2020-10-08 14:03:41 -07:00
DaemonUmbra 5648336893
Added Basic Class-Level SAS Capability to checkSAS, added Vector4f to SAS (#7385) 2020-10-08 14:02:48 -07:00
Richard Freimer f5b53d5d10
Add hooks to allow modification of structures spawn lists (#7344) 2020-10-07 13:04:03 -07:00
Richard Freimer 10448c1ac9
Add back patches to Screen allowing for item tooltips to be auto wrapped again (#7378)
Only deals with the methods receiving an ItemStack or ITextComponent(s), the methods that take IReorderingProcessor(s) are left alone.
2020-10-06 21:38:27 +02:00
Mumfrey 5243275db2 Bump mixin version to 0.8.2 2020-10-05 15:34:07 +01:00
cpw 3041c2022b
Add in extra debug logging
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-04 17:45:28 -04:00
cpw 09be003d61
Remove redundant call to CrashReport generator - Vanilla is doing a crashreport for itself at startup now.
Add a UUID into crashreport that is also logged in all channels at crash report generation time. This will allow to associate crash reports and the logs.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-04 16:40:38 -04:00
cpw 3fe5ddd68f
Fix doc README and answer lex's question
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-04 15:50:58 -04:00
cpw 935cb6782d
Modify how ModLoadingStage handles dispatch to Registry Events. Stops the objectholder spam and generally improves performance on larger packs.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-10-04 15:50:15 -04:00
DaemonUmbra 9b421b54a7
Added "Bukkit Plugin" to InvalidModIdentifier (#7384) 2020-10-02 16:40:06 -07:00
Richard Freimer 6e23030595
Fix vanilla Campfire smoke bug. MC-201374 (#7381) 2020-10-02 16:34:17 -07:00
sciwhiz12 78d69db79e
Fix toggleable keybindings still being active while in GUI Fixes #7370 (#7373) 2020-10-02 16:28:21 -07:00
Max Becker 9177ac1b2e
Fix modded EntityClassifications not being useable in the codec. (#7337) 2020-10-02 15:06:48 -07:00