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LexManos 3820d1b66f Dirty casting hacks to fix eclipse compiler inference issue. I'm sorry cpw. 2020-09-02 21:15:16 -07:00
tterrag 7dbae7ea4a Fix broken ExistingFileHelper import
Add licenses to some new files
2020-09-02 23:37:46 -04:00
tterrag be5885155c
Add validation via resources for tag providers (#7271)
BREAKING CHANGE: Moved ExistingFileHelper to common package
Remove various workarounds from forge tag providers
2020-09-02 23:18:22 -04:00
cpw 5dac065994
Move the "modloading" thread activity onto _our_ worker pool. It turns out that the vanilla worker pool can deadlock during stitching if it's insufficiently large, if modloader "waitForTransition" is also a worker member of that pool.
Closes #7293 (to reproduce issue easily, modify Util.func_240979_a_ and change the values in the MathHelper.clamp call). I've verified that 3 and below for "max" cause the problem. (I didn't test a whole range of values, just sufficient to reproduce problem and verify fix). Note that setting it to zero (and using the "direct executor" that's inaccessible in normal operation) works as well with this fix.

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-09-01 14:36:02 -04:00
cpw 1d7db95539
Fix missed debugging code. Read the config from the config.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-08-31 22:26:53 -04:00
cpw de24783152
Fix up slight registry change and other 1.16.2 stuffs.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-08-31 21:30:53 -04:00
cpw bfeec0c7bd
Merge branch '1.16.1' into 1.16.x
# Conflicts:
#	patches/minecraft/net/minecraft/client/
#	patches/minecraft/net/minecraft/item/crafting/
#	src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/fml/client/
#	src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/registries/
2020-08-31 21:15:56 -04:00
cpw 2e42340dfa
Fix up all the things. Removed SidedProvider because it served no real purpose anymore.
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-08-31 21:00:44 -04:00
cpw 16b82bb97b
Merge branch '1.16.x' into 1.16.1
# Conflicts:
#	src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/fml/
#	src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/fml/client/
2020-08-30 21:44:51 -04:00
cpw d76ee4edd7
Redo event dispatch, removes a bunch of nonsense, and tries to integrate with the vanilla CF system where possible
Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-08-30 21:39:06 -04:00
ichttt cf09f3eeb9
Add particle culling (#6981) 2020-08-30 16:05:16 -07:00
LexManos d8eaeabf3c Wrap vanilla's 'default' biome registry in ForgeRegistry.
This should allow registering mod dimensions like in 1.16.1, while the data driven system is fleshed out.
2020-08-26 09:49:41 -07:00
David Quintana 600e68cace
Clarify in the LazyOptional which methods carry the lazyness over to the returned value and which don't. (#6750)
For consistency, this meant making a few changes:
- Renamed the existing lazy mapping method to lazyMap, to indicate that it doesn't run the mapping immediately.
- Added a new implementation of map(), which returns Optional<T>, and resolves the value in the process.
- Changed filter() to return Optional, since there's no way to filter lazily.
- Added a new method resolve(), which helps convert the custom LazyOptional class into a standard Optional, for use
with library methods that expect Optional<T>.

* Update License headers.
2020-08-25 03:11:28 +02:00
sciwhiz12 625cd746ef
Add user-friendly exceptions when config loading fails (#7214) 2020-08-21 14:27:12 -07:00
Max Becker fc000fe913
Replace EntityHeight event with EntitySize event (#6858) 2020-08-21 11:53:37 -07:00
Davide Albiero e3db429763
[1.16] ForgeEventFactory#canCreateFluidSource reintroduced (#7181) 2020-08-21 11:37:43 -07:00
Cyborgmas e803006360
Cleanup and expand Forge tags (#7004) 2020-08-21 11:30:21 -07:00
sciwhiz12 07ffc890e5
Fix modproperties property in mods.toml causing exception (#7192) 2020-08-21 11:25:40 -07:00
Philip T 5a20705f05
Log info about server list warning (#7209)
Make it easier to figure out what mods are missing or have to be marked as client/server side only.
2020-08-21 11:15:44 -07:00
mcenderdragon aaa1deeef2
Fix ItemStack#isDamageable is not calling Item#isDamagable (#7221) 2020-08-21 11:06:38 -07:00
Take Weiland 50197b1fa5
Improve performance and cleanup code for DelegatingResourcePack (#7228) 2020-08-21 10:48:48 -07:00
Cyborgmas 797791c2af
Fix small logging issues with loading pack.png for mods (#7265) 2020-08-21 10:24:49 -07:00
Take Weiland c2de232703
Fix config iteration order (#7230) 2020-08-21 10:23:20 -07:00
LexManos 9118c3dd24 Cleanup Forge's build script, fix some unneeded patches.
Add checkExcscheckAll tasks.
2020-08-21 02:47:04 -07:00
ChampionAsh5357 c6d512afe8
Readding DifficultyChangeEvent hooks (#7240) 2020-08-20 21:35:09 -07:00
malte0811 5037adede9
Improve startup time by caching the manifest data for mod jars (#7256) 2020-08-20 21:29:02 -07:00
Yunus a5aca97e31
Removed HarvestDropsEvent (#7193) 2020-08-18 22:47:38 -07:00
Cyborgmas edca0c7293
Remove forge optional tags in favor of Vanilla's new system. (#7246) 2020-08-18 22:22:34 -07:00
LexManos 132cc3659d New method for creating modded tag references, fix connecting to vanilla servers. 2020-08-14 12:04:55 -07:00
LexManos 680c4062f4 Fix creating nether portals. 2020-08-14 12:04:17 -07:00
sean e1efab0452
Print mod file name on InvalidModFileException (#7241) 2020-08-13 19:16:53 -07:00
Yunus bd428de4fa
Updated MDK and README for 1.16.2 (#7243) 2020-08-13 12:22:58 -07:00
Cyborgmas 978b3c7fb1
Fix server connection, misapplied patch (#7245) 2020-08-13 12:22:17 -07:00
LexManos fe43088c96 Initial 1.16.2 Update 2020-08-13 00:35:08 -07:00
David Quintana a3c4ffd2c1 Fix ModelRegistryEvent firing every time resources reload instead of just once. 2020-08-09 22:04:44 +02:00
David Quintana a8e68328c4 Move ModelRegistryEvent invocation to when the model loading is about to start.
Freeze the ModelLoaderRegistry right after this event happens, just before model loading actually begins.
This means ModelRegistryEvent is now the correct place to register loaders, as it was intended.
This is a slight breaking change, but any mod that used FMLClientSetupEvent before will need to be updated regardless due to the existing race condition.
2020-08-08 03:00:15 +02:00
Take Weiland 8bad5b1f13
Fix wrong BlockState param passed into canSustainPlant from FarmlandBlock (#7212) 2020-08-03 17:19:12 -07:00
sciwhiz12 54b4089afd
Add harvest levels for hoes and new 1.16 blocks for pickaxes Fixes #7187 (#7189) 2020-08-03 17:06:36 -07:00
sciwhiz12 493608e1b5
Fix debug world not generating modded blocks (#6926) 2020-08-03 17:00:31 -07:00
ChampionAsh5357 0984777c98
New IForgeBlock#getToolModifiedState hook allow better control over tools interacting with blocks. (#7176) 2020-08-03 16:49:26 -07:00
Xerousso 97a2b9a448
Added new hook to allow Biomes to control their Edge biomes (#7000) 2020-08-03 16:21:13 -07:00
brandon3055 399bc6c9c3
Add support for custom elytra (#7202) 2020-08-03 15:55:10 -07:00
Take Weiland 20702456ac
Re-introduce "outdated" notification on Mods button in main menu (#7123) 2020-08-03 15:11:06 -07:00
sciwhiz12 b4a6d186de
Fix RenderTickEvent using wrong partial ticks value when game is paused. Fixes #6991 (#7208) 2020-08-03 11:53:21 -07:00
tterrag 8f9e52c260 Implement forge IBakedModel methods in vanilla wrapper models 2020-07-29 23:10:40 -04:00
LexManos e62805f1d7 Fix another case of swallowed errors not shutting down mods. 2020-07-28 16:44:29 -07:00
cpw ff752ab14b
Revert "Properly shutdown FMLModContainer's event bus when an error in a lifecycle event is detected."
This reverts commit 30bad1e2

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-07-28 19:17:35 -04:00
cpw 19a38f5cb9
Revert "Shut down all other mod handlers if the loading cycle errors. This prevents other mods from throwing errors and being blamed for initial cause. This is a temporary hack until cpw re-writes the mod event dispatcher."
This reverts commit 7592bbe8

Signed-off-by: cpw <>
2020-07-28 19:17:29 -04:00
LexManos 7592bbe87e Shut down all other mod handlers if the loading cycle errors.
This prevents other mods from throwing errors and being blamed for initial cause.
This is a temporary hack until cpw re-writes the mod event dispatcher.
2020-07-28 14:39:53 -07:00
LexManos 30bad1e26d Properly shutdown FMLModContainer's event bus when an error in a lifecycle event is detected. 2020-07-28 12:01:15 -07:00