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|Commit|Needs Revisit|Note|
|[Class transformer optimizations (#5159)](| Yes | |
|[Change universal bucket support to use fluid names instead of instances](| Yes | The affected code is nearly entirely absent |
|[Change biome spawn list entries to use factory method where possible (#5075)](| No | EntityType makes this obsolete |
|[Prevent some texture loading errors from crashing the game (#5121)](| Yes | TextureMap has changed drastically, is this still needed? |
|[Add a notification event for handling game rule changes (#5152)]( | No | `GameRules$Value` has a change callback, mods can just use this |
|[Allow IModel to express itself as a vanilla parent (#5195)]( | Yes | Vanilla has integrated the check we used to do (see ModelBlock#resolveParent) so this will need a new solution. |
|[A different approach to my changes in 8ace535 to fix #5207]( | No | 🦀FML IS GONE🦀 |
|[Fix patches from #5160 setting rotation as well as position (#5233)]( | No | Apparently I included it in [this commit]( accidentally. |
|[Use HTTPS for files website.]( | No | Irrelevant, buildscript was completely changed |
|[Prevent RecipeBook from crashing on empty modded ingredients (#5234)]( | No | Fixed in vanilla |
|[Improve reflection helper methods (#4853)]( | No | ObfuscationReflectionHelper refactored |
|[Clean up logged mod states (#5227)]( | Yes | Currently the mod state table dump is absent from crash reports, should revisit once that is added again |
|[Fix minor issue in getFilledPercentage for Fluid rendering (#5206)]( | No | Fluid block classes are gone |
|[Fix missing comments in configs created with annotations (#5189)]( | No | Configs rewritten |
|[Compute ASMDataTable submaps parallel, speeds up contructing mods (#5246)]( | No | ASMData is no more |
|[Add methods to allow loading json constants outside of _constants (#4975)]( | Yes | CraftingHelper was overhauled quite a bit, is this necessary still? |
|[Fix crash from CraftingHelper due to FileSystem being closed early]( | No | Not applicable as it only fixes the above commit |
|[Clean up CraftingHelper constants loading API]( | No | " |
|[Fix issue with --modListFile. (#5316)]( | No | --modListFile is gone |
|[Fix incorrect indexing in mipmap generation code (#5201)]( | No | TAS was totally refactored, this was likely fixed by vanilla in the process |
|[Allow config GUI cycling button elements generated from enums to display toString return values, rather than actual values. (#5125)]( | No | Config GUI is gone |
|[Add an annotation for @config elements which will automatically create a slider control (#5026)]( | No | Config annotations are gone |
|[Added an additional constructor to every implementation of IFluidBlock. It is now possible to create a fluid block with a Fluid, Material and MapColor, so that the Material's MapColor isn't used for the blocks MapColor. (#5293)]( | No | IFluidBlock etc. are defunct for the moment |
|[Add default impl to IConfigElement#getValidValuesDisplay]( | No | IConfigElement etc. are gone |
|[Remove FluidStack amount from hashcode calculation (#5272)]( | No | FluidStack is gone |
|[Fixed incorrect string representation of string list config property default values in their comments.]( | No | Configuration is gone |
|[Improve tracking of used dimension IDs (#5249)]( | No | Dimensions now have a proper registry |
|[Apply access-level changes to inner class attributes (#5468)]( | No | AccessTransformer has been rewritten and seems to handle this case already |
|[Generalise EnumRarity to an interface (#5182)]( | Yes | This involves a lot of patches for a rather niche feature, that would be now be best implemented with `@ExtensibleEnum`. Needs to be re-evaluated later. |
|[Fix block placement not checking for player collision]( | No | Bug was not introduced in cherry-picked commit |
|[Fix #5651 Re-add canPlaceBlockOnSide check in World#mayPlace]( | No | " |
|[Try and make 1.13 mods more obviously wrong in 1.12..]( | No | |
|[Fixed boat not taking care of block-liquid hooks (#5086)]( | No | No longer applies to new fluid blocks |
|[Added Wool to OreDictionary (#5414)]( | No | OreDictionary is gone |
|[Invalidate tile entities that are queued for removal (#5512)]( | No | Reverted later |
|[Revert "Invalidate tile entities that are queued for removal (#5512)"]( | No | |
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