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Commit Needs Revisit Note
Class transformer optimizations (#5159) Yes
Change universal bucket support to use fluid names instead of instances Yes The affected code is nearly entirely absent
Change biome spawn list entries to use factory method where possible (#5075) No EntityType makes this obsolete
Prevent some texture loading errors from crashing the game (#5121) Yes TextureMap has changed drastically, is this still needed?
Add a notification event for handling game rule changes (#5152) No GameRules$Value has a change callback, mods can just use this
Allow IModel to express itself as a vanilla parent (#5195) Yes Vanilla has integrated the check we used to do (see ModelBlock#resolveParent) so this will need a new solution.
A different approach to my changes in 8ace535 to fix #5207 No 🦀FML IS GONE🦀
Fix patches from #5160 setting rotation as well as position (#5233) No Apparently I included it in this commit accidentally.
Use HTTPS for files website. No Irrelevant, buildscript was completely changed
Prevent RecipeBook from crashing on empty modded ingredients (#5234) No Fixed in vanilla
Improve reflection helper methods (#4853) No ObfuscationReflectionHelper refactored
Clean up logged mod states (#5227) Yes Currently the mod state table dump is absent from crash reports, should revisit once that is added again
Fix minor issue in getFilledPercentage for Fluid rendering (#5206) No Fluid block classes are gone
Fix missing comments in configs created with annotations (#5189) No Configs rewritten
Compute ASMDataTable submaps parallel, speeds up contructing mods (#5246) No ASMData is no more
Add methods to allow loading json constants outside of _constants (#4975) Yes CraftingHelper was overhauled quite a bit, is this necessary still?
Fix crash from CraftingHelper due to FileSystem being closed early No Not applicable as it only fixes the above commit
Clean up CraftingHelper constants loading API No "
Fix issue with --modListFile. (#5316) No --modListFile is gone
Fix incorrect indexing in mipmap generation code (#5201) No TAS was totally refactored, this was likely fixed by vanilla in the process
Allow config GUI cycling button elements generated from enums to display toString return values, rather than actual values. (#5125) No Config GUI is gone
Add an annotation for @config elements which will automatically create a slider control (#5026) No Config annotations are gone
Added an additional constructor to every implementation of IFluidBlock. It is now possible to create a fluid block with a Fluid, Material and MapColor, so that the Material's MapColor isn't used for the blocks MapColor. (#5293) No IFluidBlock etc. are defunct for the moment
Add default impl to IConfigElement#getValidValuesDisplay No IConfigElement etc. are gone
Remove FluidStack amount from hashcode calculation (#5272) No FluidStack is gone
Fixed incorrect string representation of string list config property default values in their comments. No Configuration is gone
Improve tracking of used dimension IDs (#5249) No Dimensions now have a proper registry
Apply access-level changes to inner class attributes (#5468) No AccessTransformer has been rewritten and seems to handle this case already
Generalise EnumRarity to an interface (#5182) Yes This involves a lot of patches for a rather niche feature, that would be now be best implemented with @ExtensibleEnum. Needs to be re-evaluated later.
Fix block placement not checking for player collision No Bug was not introduced in cherry-picked commit
Fix #5651 Re-add canPlaceBlockOnSide check in World#mayPlace No "
Try and make 1.13 mods more obviously wrong in 1.12.. No
Fixed boat not taking care of block-liquid hooks (#5086) No No longer applies to new fluid blocks
Added Wool to OreDictionary (#5414) No OreDictionary is gone
Invalidate tile entities that are queued for removal (#5512) No Reverted later
Revert "Invalidate tile entities that are queued for removal (#5512)" No

Currently updated through: 633fd9bd2eea06abd2eb42484439a5250236435b