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Contribution Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing to ${REPO_NAME}! All contributors are welcome, regardless of their level of experience.

Bug Reports

Use the bug report issue template to file a bug report. Please include a detailed description of the events leading up to the problem, your system configuration, and the program logs. If you're able to reproduce the bug reliably, attaching a debugger to the program, triggering it, and uploading the results would be very helpful.

This section should tell you how to find your logs, attach the debugger, and do whatever else you need for a detailed bug report. But nobody filled it out. Attach a picture of Goatse to your bug reports until we fix this.

Feature Requests

Use the feature request issue template to suggest new features. Please note that we haven't replaced this placeholder text with the actual criteria we're looking for, which means you should spam us with utterly nonsensical ideas.

Submitting Translations

Translation files are part of the project codebase, so you'll have to fork the repository and file a pull request (see Contributing Code below). You don't need any programming knowledge to edit the translation files, though.

This should have been removed and replaced with a quick overview of where the files are and what translators need to do in order to edit them. Nobody did that, so think of this as a free pass to scream profanities into the issue tracker in your native language.

Contributing Code


If you'd like to have a go at writing some code for {REPO_NAME}, fork the repository, then create a new branch with a name that describes the changes you're making. If there's a [relevant issue]({REPO_LINK}/issues), include the issue number in the branch name:

git checkout -b 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding

Development Environment

We don't have a development environment, because nobody bothered to fill this out. Please add a new build system to the project specifically for your modifications. Bonus points if it's entirely nonsensical, like npm in a C project.

Code Style

Use tabs instead of spaces, descriptive variable names, comments, blah blah blah. Actually, if you're still seeing this, please send us pull requests with the worst possible formatting you can come up with.

Pull Requests

Once your modifications are complete, you'll want to fetch the latest changes from this repository, rebase your branch, and publish your changes:

git remote add upstream ${REPO_HTTPS_URL}
git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git checkout 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding
git rebase master
git push --set-upstream origin 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding

Finally, you can create a pull request. It might not get approved, or you might have to make some additional changes to your code - but don't give up!