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DaemonUmbra 5648336893
Added Basic Class-Level SAS Capability to checkSAS, added Vector4f to SAS (#7385) 2020-10-08 14:02:48 -07:00
LexManos 9118c3dd24 Cleanup Forge's build script, fix some unneeded patches.
Add checkExcscheckAll tasks.
2020-08-21 02:47:04 -07:00
LexManos 201349f8de Fix checkPatches task. Closes #6956
Fix patched in method using srg name. Closes #6965
Fix capabilities not being collected for ClientWorld. Closes #6966
Fix TagEmptyCondition using client side copy of tags instead of server. Closes #6949
Fix ExtendedButton using narrator text. Closes #6958, Closes #6959
Fix misaligned patch in RepairContainer. Closes #6950, Closes #6953
Fix LivingJumpEvent not being fired for players jumping horses. Closes #6929
Remove extra getToughness method in ArmorItem. Closes #6970
Remove GetCollisionBoxesEvent. Closes #6921
2020-07-13 15:17:37 -07:00
Justin aab8adb884
Add simple patch checker and cleanup patches (#6851)
* Add simple patch checker and cleanup patches

* Address comments
 * move task implementation
 * genPatches is now finalized by checkPatches
 * the S2S artifacts are automatically removed
 * added class and method access checking
2020-07-06 14:30:10 -07:00