Mirror of VueTube in case Google pulls another C&D
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VueTube icon

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VueTube Logo by @afnzmn
English Readme contributors: @404-Program-not-found, @Frontesque, @gayolGate, @ThatOneCalculator, @afnzmn, @tired6488, @DARKDRAGON532, @PickleNik and @Zyborg777

A simple and open source video streaming client aimed to recreate ALL the features from their respective apps (and more!)
Pronounced View Tube (/ˈvjuːˌtjuːb/)

Read this page in other languages: English, Español, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, עִברִית, Nederlands, தமி, Bahasa Melayu, Македонски, Français, Português Brasileiro, Bahasa Indonesia, Polski, Български, Italiano, Magyar, 한국어, Tiếng Việt, Română


VueTube icon
  • 🎨 Themes: Light, dark, OLED and all the colors of the rainbow! Set the accent and background color according to your preferences.
  • 🖌 Customizable UI: Customize buttons, corners and disable parts of the UI that you don't use to get an optimal experience.
  • Auto updates: Be notified when an update is available, download through the app and downgrade if you don't like it!
  • 👁 Tracking protection: No telemetry data is sent from your device by default and we don't use external APIs. Privacy is neccesary!
  • 📺 Custom video player: There is a player integrated in the application with everything you need to be happy, such as 16x speed.
  • 🌍 Translations: App is available in more than 25 languages! Default language is determined according to your device configuration.
  • 👎 Return YouTube Dislike - Enable dislike counters in videos again. More info
  • 💰 SponsorBlock - Skip automatically sponsors and annoying segments in videos. More info


VueTube icon

To install the app, please visit vuetube.app/install or check below all versions available:

🖱 Click to display versions


Pretty unstable, but you get early access to new features. Less bugs than unstable while having more features than stable. Not available yet.


Pretty unstable, but you get early access to new features. Less bugs than unstable while having more features than stable. Not available yet.

(Apple does not officially support sideloading, i.e. the installation of applications with just the file without them being uploaded to the company's official shop. It is necessary to use advanced methods to install VueTube on iPhone / iPad devices)


VueTube icon
  • 🔍 Advanced search: Sort results by date, duration, likes or any other factor.
  • 🗞 Local watch history: Get your last viewed videos without logging in.
  • YouTube Shorts: Small vertical videos that last anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds.
  • 🧑 Signing in with your Google account: Login to have a full experience by voting and commenting on videos and subscribing to channels.
  • 🖼 Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP): Allows you to watch videos in a floating window when using another app.
  • 🧩 Plugins: Install third party plugins made by community with useful features!
  • And more!

You can suggest your own feature by opening a feature request issue in this repository.


View them on our website or click below to display them.

🖱 Click to display screenshots


We use several different platforms to connect with our community. You can actively participate in the development of VueTube or simply keep up to date with all the news joining these groups:


🖱 Click to display progress
General Player Extractor
🟢 Comments (100%) 🟢 Play / Pause (100%) 🟢 Search Autocomplete (100%)
🟢 Description (100%) 🟢 Tap to show / hide controls (100%) 🟢 Home page (100%)
🟢 Home Page (100%) 🟠 Seekbar / Scrubber (80%) 🟢 Search (100%)
🟢 RYD Integration (100%) 🟠 Fullscreen (80%) 🟠 Video Information (60%)
🟢 Themes (100%) 🟠 Resolution Picker (50%) 🔴 Channels (0%)
🟢 Watch Page (100%) 🔴 Miniplayer (0%) 🔴 Comments (0%)
🟠 Sponsorblock Integration (95%) 🔴 Background Play (0%) 🔴 Live Chat (0%)
🟠 Auto Update (50%) 🔴 Picture in Picture (0%) 🔴 Trending content (0%)
🟠 Channel Page (50%) 🔴 Captions (0%) 🔴 Interactions (0%)
🟠 Community Posts (10%) 🔴 Cards (0%) 🔴 Playlists (0%)
🟠 Customizable Shorts UI (10%) 🔴 Notifications (0%)
🟠 Customizable YT Music UI (10%) 🔴 Login (0%)
🟠 Customizable UI (30%)
🟠 Libraries Page (10%)
🟠 Replies (50%)
🟠 Third Party Plugins (40%)
🟠 VueTube Player (See progress to the right)
🟠 VueTube Extractor (See progress to the right)
🔴 Local Watch History (0%)
🔴 Subscriptions Page (0%)
🔴 Other Platform Support (0%)

Technologies used

Why are we doing this?

VueTube was made with the aim of providing to the Internet a free, open source and complete cross-platform alternative to Big Tech, with highly customizable options and login available. The project was growing, attracting thousands of users and contributors all around the world. You can join us and contribute to this project in any kind of way...

Want to contribute?

Thank you for being interested on contributing! Please read our website on how to do so: vuetube.app/contributing.

If you want to translate the app, click here and read the instructions. If GitHub is hard or uncomfortable to you, you can also send the fields translated in a text file on our Discord and we will implement them. Don't worry!

GitHub contributors

Dashboard made automatically with contrib.rocks.



VueTube is and always will be free and open source, but you can support our devs with a donation that will help to maintain the project and develop new features. Every kind of help is welcome! These are the donating options avaiable:

Donate on Ko-Fi.com (Official)

Donate to PickleNik on GitHub (Maintainer)


The VueTube project and its contents are not affiliated with, funded, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way accociated with YouTube, Google LLC or any of its affiliates and subsidaries. The official YouTube website can be found at youtube.com.

Any trademark, service mark, trade name, or other intellectual property rights used in the VueTube project are owned by the respective owners.

Other VueTube repos

🖱 Click to display repos

VueTube Extractor

VueTube Extractor is a library designed to extract data from streaming services, designed for use in VueTube App.

VueTube Translator

VueTube Translator is a tool for translating fields of GitHub files like JSON or JS and export the result with the correct structure. It was created to help VueTube translators but it can be used for any other purpose.

VueTube HTTP

VueTube HTTP is a plugin for native HTTP requests, file download/uploads, and cookie management. It's a fork of the original HTTP project from Capacitor Community, with additions by the VueTube Team.