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# Contribution Guide
Thank you for your interest in contributing to ${REPO_NAME}! All contributors are welcome, regardless of your current level of experience.
## Bug Reports
Use the [bug report issue template](${REPO_LINK}/issues) to file a bug report. Please include a detailed description of the events leading up to the problem, your system configuration, and the program logs. If you're able to reproduce the bug reliably, attaching a debugger to the program, triggering it, and uploading the results would be very helpful.
This section *should* tell you how to find your logs, attach the debugger, and do whatever else you need for a detailed bug report. But nobody filled it out. Attach a picture of Goatse to your bug reports until we fix this.
## Feature Requests
Use the [feature request issue template](${REPO_LINK}/issues) to suggest new features. Please note that we haven't replaced this placeholder text with the actual criteria we're looking for, which means you should spam us with utterly nonsensical ideas.
## Contributing Code
### Forking
If you'd like to have a go at writing some code for ${REPO_NAME}, fork the repository, then create a new branch with a name that describes the changes you're making. If there's a [relevant issue](${REPO_LINK}/issues), include the issue number in the branch name:
git checkout -b 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding
### Development Environment
We don't have a development environment, because nobody bothered to fill this out. Please add a new build system to the project specifically for your modifications. Bonus points if it's entirely nonsensical, like `npm` in a C project.
### Code Style
Use tabs instead of spaces, descriptive variable names, comments, blah blah blah. Actually, if you're still seeing this, *please* send us pull requests with the worst possible formatting you can come up with.
### Pull Requests
Once your modifications are complete, you'll want to fetch the latest changes from this repository, rebase your branch, and publish your changes:
git remote add upstream ${REPO_HTTPS_URL}
git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git checkout 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding
git rebase master
git push --set-upstream origin 1337-prevent-computer-from-exploding
Finally, you can [create a pull request](${REPO_LINK}/pulls). It might not get approved, or you might have to make some additional changes to your code - but don't give up!