Fix ModFileResourcePack.getAllResourceLocations ignoring resourceNamespace. (#7562)

Fixes #7405
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Take Weiland 2020-12-28 22:39:44 +01:00 committed by GitHub
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commit 2904772b16
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@ -82,19 +82,19 @@ public class ModFileResourcePack extends ResourcePack
Path root = modFile.getLocator().findPath(modFile, type.getDirectoryName()).toAbsolutePath();
Path root = modFile.getLocator().findPath(modFile, type.getDirectoryName(), resourceNamespace).toAbsolutePath();
Path inputPath = root.getFileSystem().getPath(pathIn);
return Files.walk(root).
map(path -> root.relativize(path.toAbsolutePath())).
filter(path -> path.getNameCount() > 1 && path.getNameCount() - 1 <= maxDepth). // Make sure the depth is within bounds, ignoring domain
filter(path -> path.getNameCount() <= maxDepth). // Make sure the depth is within bounds
filter(path -> !path.toString().endsWith(".mcmeta")). // Ignore .mcmeta files
filter(path -> path.subpath(1, path.getNameCount()).startsWith(inputPath)). // Make sure the target path is inside this one (again ignoring domain)
filter(path -> path.startsWith(inputPath)). // Make sure the target path is inside this one
filter(path -> filter.test(path.getFileName().toString())). // Test the file name against the predicate
// Finally we need to form the RL, so use the first name as the domain, and the rest as the path
// It is VERY IMPORTANT that we do not rely on Path.toString as this is inconsistent between operating systems
// Join the path names ourselves to force forward slashes
map(path -> new ResourceLocation(path.getName(0).toString(), Joiner.on('/').join(path.subpath(1,Math.min(maxDepth, path.getNameCount()))))).
map(path -> new ResourceLocation(resourceNamespace, Joiner.on('/').join(path))).
catch (IOException e)