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2016-09-13 00:45:52 +00:00
# On the Contribution of an RF-lite Energy System: "Energy"
Forge has acquired an Energy system, after many years of debate on the topic. The prevalence of the RF API has warranted the inclusion of a similar (but simpler) implementation to forge for 1.10.2 and onwards.
Those who wish to use an RF like API, feel free to use it. If you don't want to think about Energy, but know you need it, you can use it *if you wish*. If you want to interoperate with other energy systems, feel free to use this to broker with them.
# On Diversity in Energy Systems
Forge has always supported diversity in energy-like systems. If you have a burning desire to simulate electricity flow in all it's glory, we fully support you and look forward to playing your mod. If you wish to have pneumatic power, we have no objections, and would love to see your wonderful creations. If you have a power system of your own devising that is simply beyond our imagination, please, blow us away.
# On Modder Obligations
As a modder, you are under *no* obligation to use or support the forge Energy system. If anyone, user, mod-pack maker or even us, tells you otherwise, refer them to this statement. The Forge energy system is not intended to supplant diversity in energy systems. It is not intended to be one-size-fits-all. The choice to support it, is the choice of the modder.